Get Involved

Help Shape Puna for Future Generations

A big job requires many hands. You can get involved in this effort in many ways.

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submit-your-issues-district-5-puna-electionsSubmit Issues and Ideas
Get your issues and ideas into the flow. Share what’s important to you and your family living in Puna.



Submit Your TestimonialSubmit a Testimonial
Tell us why you believe Jen will make a great county council person.


Join an Action Team!

Join a Work Party
Reach out to all the voters in District 5.

Join Us On the Campaign Trail
Go with us door-to-door to listen to our neighbors in District 5.

Volunteer Puna District 5 ElectionsYour support in many other areas are necessary including;

  • Online campaign contributions – work from home.
  • Accounting support to interface with donors and help manage our A/R systems.
  • Voter Connections. Help us establish connections with swing voters in District 5