Global H.O.P.E. (Hawaii’s Organization for Peace and the Environment) University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Student Organization Main Organizer “Think Globally, Act Locally”


  • Organized 11 speaking events, 6 rallies/marches, 4 concerts, and 41 movie nights on a variety of issues including climate change, GMOs, food and energy sovereignty, the Iraq War, and money in politics. All were free and public.
  • Led successful 2-year campaign gathering 5,485 signatures to pass county resolution mandating public beach access for Papa’ikou Mills Beach.


Voter Owned Hawaiʻi (2008-2012 HILO, HI) “The Reform that Makes All Reforms Possible”

  • Responsible for networking, tabling, and giving speeches at rallies, concerts, and other events.
  • Helped pass 2008 State Act 244, Hawaii’s first Clean Elections law.
  • Big Island became first county where citizens had an option to run for office on a full publicly funded campaign. Anyone could run a competitive county council race based on support for their ideas regardless of access to wealth.


Pesticide Action Network North America Community Organizer (2013 KAUAI, HI)

  • Built coalition, core team, facilitated meetings, recruited 60 endorsers, engaged over 50 volunteers into action teams, worked with and lobbied council members and organized largest march in Kauai history.
  • Coordinated campaign that successfully passed a bill to protect community from hazardous agri-chemical pesticide spray.


Ola Hawaiʻi 2020 Cause Related Marketing and Web Production (2012 HILO, HI)

  • Tracked and translated state bills related to sustainability.
  • Drafted sample testimonies, created online action pages, engaged online community, and generated testimony in favor of sustainability.


Senator Russell Ruderman Campaign Event Coordinator (2012 KEAAU, HI)

  • Facilitated all event creation, organization, volunteer management, and marketing.


Brent.FM Business Administrator (2012-2013 HILO, HI)

  • Created website content, managed client communications, receivables and invoicing.


Royal Hawaiian Farms Laborer (2013 HAMAKUA, HI)


Community Organizing Class Instructor (2013 HILO, HI)

  • Taught organizational structure, concepts, issue development, strategies and tactics, direct action, coalition building, negotiation and more.


The Family Farm Seasonal Worker (2012-2015 HAMAKUA, HI)


Green Collar Technologies Event Coordinator (2012-2014 HILO, HI)

  • Marketed and performed business administration for sustainability classes.
  • Marketed and facilitated TEDxHiloChange 2013


Student Senator for the College of Business and Economics (Fall 2014- Spring 2015)


Absolute Tree Care LLC Marketing Manager and Accountant (2015-Present)