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Aloha, I’m Jen Ruggles and am running for Hawaiʻi County Council District 5.

Convention with Jen Ruggles

I was born in Hilo and raised on the Big Island. Beginning from a young age I’ve always been passionately engaged in the social justice issues facing our community, nation, and world.

My commitment to making a positive impact in Hawai’i has influenced every major decision in my life. Upon graduating Keaʻau high school I discovered a way to focus my passion for justice by serving the community. I volunteered as the main organizer for a club at the University of Hawai’i at Hilo where I worked on a variety of issues ranging from food and energy sovereignty to improving Hawaii’s campaign finance law. I was a volunteer with Peaceful Sky Alliance supporting Ballot Initiative #1, making law enforcement of marijuana the lowest priority. I led a successful campaign to preserve beach access to Papaikou Mills beach, (a beach I had never been to) by request of the community. I helped implement Hawaiʻi’s first Clean Elections law, and led a campaign to protect children from agri-chemical pesticides in Kauai.

As a community organizer I believe every campaign I’ve organized has seen success because I listen to and uphold the will of the people. From years of experience working with diverse organizations I have learned the people who live in the community, (the shareholders), know what is best for the community. Leadership to me is working with people to find and carry out solutions. I am a natural leader and ready for public service, with you and for you.

Yours truly,



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