Ruggles and Paleka: 1st Debate

Hawaii County Council Candidates Jen Ruggles and Danny Paleka had their first debate at the Hawaii Academy of Arts and Science on June 23, 2016. The debate lasted approximately 30 minutes. The moderator gave each candidate an opportunity to open, and then choose 2 questions from the board that members of the audience chose. Here is the video.

8 thoughts on “Ruggles and Paleka: 1st Debate

  1. Paleka appears to be out of control, coarse, angry, same as Kenoi.
    Time to let go of corrupt establishment island politics.

    Jen is grounded, intelligent, proven track record of commitment to representing our Big Island and Hawaii. She deserves our vote Sat. Aug. 13th.

  2. Anyone who watches this debate would vote for Jen Ruggles for the 5th District Council seat. She demonstrated poise, respect and an excellent knowledge of the issues that face her district. She will be a valuable asset to the County Council.

  3. Awesome debate. I believe Jen won this debate hands down! First, her opening and closing statements were logical. She is running for public office for the people of Puna, not for private interest groups. Next, within the context of the debate, Jen gave evidence of why she specifically supports the issues of better infrastructure and Styrofoam banning for public safety and environmental safety. Whereas, her opponent, Mr. Paleka, only supported his claim with and I quote, “I educate myself” and “you like get the job done come talk to me.” Lastly, Ms. Ruggles, demonstrated class. She commended Mr. Paleka for the work he has done in service with the County Council and spoke to him with respect. It was clearly visible that Mr. Paleka was angered by his opponent over the last topic of infrastructure debated by his body language and not handing the microphone directly back to Jen Ruggles. In closing, remember Jen Ruggles said,”I will come talk to you” and Mr. Paleka stated, “You come talk to me.” Hear the difference?

  4. Jen continues to impress me with her passion, commitment and knowledge of the issues important to residents in our district. She has my vote!

  5. Danny looked distracted and seemed unprepared. During his current term, I have not seen many things that he has accomplished.
    Jen seems like a good choice to me.

  6. Jen is obviously the superior candidate! Shame on Puna if we don’t elect her.

  7. Listening to Paleka express that he doesn’t just talk..he gets things done…He went on to explain that what he has done (as an elected politician) is travel to Germany for his employer. What, if anything, does this show us about his accomplishments as our elected rep?

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